When my Podiatrist, Lauren Pete recommended that I have laser treatment at the Laser Nail Clinic, I agreed to try it but had to overcome my initial fear of the unknown. At my first appointment, I was a bit nervous and had all kinds of questions like… was it going to hurt? what would the effect of it be? and most importantly, would it make the skin virus on the soles of my feet go away? I’d never had verrucas or laser treatment before.

Prior to having treatment at the Laser Nail Clinic, I’d tried all kinds of other remedies, but nothing worked, in fact, the more different kinds of treatments I tried, the more the verruca virus spread.

Verruca pain is unreal – you’d never think something that started out looking so small, could cause such agony. For months, it was like walking on splinters of shattered glass, which made my everyday life and activities, a real mission.

My first Laser treatment experience was absolutely fine and my feet immediately felt an improvement. Finally, there was some relief and my journey to recovery had begun. During treatment, I hardly noticed the laser – sometimes my skin felt a tiny bit hot and that would only last for a second or two.

After several more treatments, the verrucas stopped growing and started to appear and feel more shallow. Eventually the pain became less and less. Today, I can walk flat on my feet, without the same agony of the verrucas that I once felt and the appearance of my skin shows very little sign of ever having the virus at all.

Thank you so much Lauren and John at the Laser Nail Clinic, for everything you’ve done to give me back my quality of life! I will be forever grateful for all your help. With great appreciation.

– Amanda

I am writing to say thank you so much for your excellent service.   I am now cured of my nail Fungi, which I am sure I caught from a Nail bar overseas.

Your absolute patience as far as my time being very busy and booking me in was superb, and you always followed up with a lovely friendly call.

Your team are excellent, and worked hard to solve the problem I had, always professional, spotlessly clean and welcoming.

I will certainly refer others to your practice.

I wanted to take this time to thank you all.


– Jaqui

Highly recommend this clinic! The results and progress I'm getting from laser treatment has produced the best results that creams and pills have been unable to do, slow process but seeing some great results over the 5 treatments I have had! Thank you!

– Erin

After years of using topical treatments with no effect, I noticed that my nail fungus was now
spreading to other nails so I decided to try laser treatment with The Laser Nail Clinic. After my first treatment I could see an overall improvement, the yellow discolouration was disappearing and my nail began to look normal again. I found The Laser Nail Clinic to be extremely professional and helpful throughout my treatment and I am delighted with the results and would highly recommend to others.

– Kerrie