Following your laser nail treatment sessions, it is important that you follow our post treatment advice to help stop re-infection. Treatment results are heavily dependent on patient compliance and there are a number of aftercare products you can use to keep onychomycosis at bay.

Bamboo socks

Each patient will receive a FREE pair of bamboo socks following their treatment, and extra pairs can be purchased from the clinic.

Bamboo socks are very effective in your aftercare regime because:

  • Bamboo fibre has naturally anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties
  • Any moisture (sweat) is immediately absorbed and taken away from the skin
  • Bamboo yarns and textiles are produced without the use of toxic chemicals

SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitiser



As part of your aftercare, we recommend using the SteriShoe sanitiser. This product is available to buy or to hire from the Laser Nail Clinic.

Your shoes can be a common cause of re-infection. The combination of sweat and heat inside your shoes makes a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and fungi that cause fungal nail infections, as well as other common ailments such as athlete’s foot, and smelly feet.

The SteriShoe sanitiser kills the germs that reside inside shoes with a special germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC).

  • It destroys up to 99.9% of the microorganisms in shoes
  • Very easy, safe and convenient to use
  • It is non-toxic – no harsh chemicals, sprays or drugs are used to kill bacteria, fungi and germs
  • Accepted by the American Podatric Medical Association


For more information about our recommended aftercare products please speak to your laser specialist.

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