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If you have been diagnosed with onychomycosis, we offer you a safe, effective and painless nail laser treatment specifically designed to kill the nail fungal infection. The PinPointe FootLaser targets the stubborn fungal infection directly in the nail bed. It is so localised it only treats the immediate infected area and healthy tissue is left undamaged.



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The science behind the PinPointe FootLaser

PinPointe FootLaser is the first clinically-proven laser to provide improvement in clear nail growth. It sends invisible laser energy into and through the nail and/or surrounding skin that is absorbed by the pigment in the fungal organisms. When the laser light is absorbed it causes the pigment in the organisms to heat and this heat damages or kills the fungal organisms.

With the laser treatment there are no unpleasant side effects. Most patients only feel warmth during the treatment and it can be reduced or ended if the procedure becomes uncomfortable.

The laser treats the infection over the course of three recommended sessions, however the improvement in the nail’s appearance will take a bit longer as the damaged nail needs to grow out. Each patient’s experience is different and on-going treatment should be discussed with your Laser Nail Clinic technician. If necessary, they will recommend that you further consult your GP or podiatrist.

The PinPointe FootLaser is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia) registered.

Oral Drugs

  • Effective in treating nail infections
  • New nail grows out with no signs of infection
  • Drug must be taken for 6-18 months
  • Not effective in all patients
  • Not recommended in some patients who have poor health
  • Final result seen after nail grows out (6-12 months)
  • Drug side-effects may include – headache, diarrhoea, upset stomach, skin rash, (allergic reaction to drug)
  • Possible serious drug side-effects – risk of liver damage and heart failure (weekly blood testing may be required to monitor liver/heart function)
  • No alcohol consumption during the course of the treatment

Topical Drugs

  • Has some effectiveness in treating nail infections
  • New nail grows out with no signs of infection in some patients
  • No significant adverse effects
  • Drug must be applied to nails daily for a long period of time – often daily for one year or more
  • Not effective in all patients because the drug cannot pass into or through the nail to reach the infection under the nail

Pinpointe FootLaser Treatment

  • Effective in treating nail infections
  • Most patients will see improvement in 6-12 months after the treatment
  • New nail grows out with no signs of infection
  • No significant adverse effects
  • More than one treatment may be necessary for severe infections
  • Final result seen after nail grows out (6-12 months)
  • Usual side effect – feeling of slight warmth/tingling (only during treatment)

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